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Doodlings Fortune Cookie


Sold out!

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Doodlings Fortune Cookie NFT

This is your fortune cookie (nefty blend ingredient) to 1 of 51 Unique Doodlings created by Divi Force/Divi community member GodInDisguise and Divinfty. Purchase this NFT then head to our blends page to randomly mint and receive your unique Doodlings NFT

Once all 51 have been sold and blended, 5 lucky hodlers will receive a charged NFT that will receive weekly rewards. (If they don’t sell out, we will adjust and come up with something).

Bonuses (future airdrops and whitelisting opportunities) will come to those holding 1 of the 51 Doodlings NFT

You will also receive 2 x Base Rewards with this purchase

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Atomic Template

Nefty Blocks Blend