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Divi4Ukraine Charity Donation

100% of your purchase will be donated to rebuilding and humanitarian efforts for the Ukrainian community. We will pool the funds in a Divi Wallet address/staking vault then decide as a community which charity to donate too. To find out more checkout our medium article.

You can purchase this separately or in conjunction with our Divi Physical Coins.

If you would like a Divi4Ukraine Supporter NFT, please leave your WAX address at checkout.

Want to donate more??

  • Donate directly to our Divi Wallet address
    • Username: Divi4Ukraine
    • DIVI: DFyQHJVyVWgbRaexXrC5BNXxH98VXDF434
    • BTC: 1Efp9SCSaFCUnwXKHUiJ7wf1Nf7bzkM5Mr
    • LTC: LR3YANrEBsxrDnfgzs7pXgNzuCGBfapBz1
    • ETH: 0x18de2e097661c5C40476460b31fbd87D00F10EdB