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Divi Visionaries No. 8 – Twenty Thousand Divi Under the Seas Legendary NFT


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Divi Visionaries No. 5 – Twenty Thousand Divi Under the Seas Legendary NFT

The Divi Visionaries will be an ongoing series of NFT to showcase our artists and give tribute to The Divi Project team, historic events and community members in a fun and creative way.

Cpt. Nemo

Cpt. Nemo. A mysterious and insightful OG that has a passion for bringing Divi art, design and knowledge to the Divi community. He is also a strong supporter of creating value and awareness for Divi through cryptocurrency use cases and charity endeavours. His store, Diviswag was one of the first Divi powered online stores that sells merch with his own customs designs and artwork and has recently released a collab with Divinfty to bring NFT and physical products together in a fresh new way.

You can find him in guiding the sub through treacherous waters in Divi Official, Divi Trading or Nemo’s Island on Telegram.