Divi Visionaries No. 4 – Painting the Way Forward Rare NFT


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Divi Visionaries No. 4 – Painting the Way Forward Rare NFT

The Divi Visionaries will be an ongoing series of NFT to showcase our artists and give tribute to The Divi Project team, historic events and community members in a fun and creative way.

Painting the Way Forward

If there was one Divi community member that stands out for his drive and passion and ability to get things done, it would be Juma Mkwela.

Located in Khayelitsha, South Africa, Juma has set out to help and improve the lives of his local community via various projects and initiatives. street art and murals, generating tourism opportunities via art tours and promoting sustainable living. Juma is a well known Divi community member who spreads hope and joy at every moment. Find out more about Juma here.

A Divi community highlight was the “Bikes to the Future” initiative where community members donated enough Divi to purchase 101 bicycles for local Khayelitsha children to use to get to school in the absence of proper transportation during COVID restrictions and lockdowns. More info here.

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