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Divi Visionaries No. 2 – The Divi Zen Master Epic NFT


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Divi Visionaries No. 2 – The Divi Zen Master Rare NFT

The Divi Visionaries will be an ongoing series of NFT to showcase our artists and give tribute to The Divi Project team, historic events and community members in a fun and creative way.

The Divi Zen Master

The Divi Project CEO and co-founder, Geoffrey McCabe comes from a background in physics and engineering, retail and manufacturing businesses, real estate and eco/health and wellbeing tourism. Lets just say he is has been a busy boy and has had quite a successful career in various industries and has been applying his knowledge and experience to leading The Divi Project and his various side projects relating to blockchain gaming, NFT’s and digital nomad spaces.

Despite his busy career, he has a passion for healthy living, nature, permaculture and yoga and embraces the environment in his home of Costa Rica. This piece is a tribute to Geoff taking some time out to refresh, reflect and recharge.