Divi4Ukraine Donation and Divi Physical Coins 2.0 | High-Shine Silver


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Divi4Ukraine Donation and Divi Physical Coins 2.0 – High-Shine Silver

Redesigned and reimagined, these physical Divi coins are a keepsake you’ll be proud of; not only for their beauty but also for the Divi community driven donation that comes along with it.

Available in a high-shine gold finish, high-shine silver finish, and antiqued bronze finish, these carry a nice weight and size. They weigh in at 25g and are 1.5inches in diameter. They are comparable to the size of a silver round you might buy elsewhere. The Divi Physical Coins 2.0 are available individually or as a set.

Divi4Ukraine Donation

With your purchase of this coin, 90% of your purchase price will be donated to rebuilding and humanitarian efforts for the Ukrainian community. We will pool the funds in a Divi Wallet address/staking vault then decide as a community which charity to donate too. To find out more checkout our medium article.

What you will receive:

  • 1 x Divi Physical Coin in High-shine Silver Finish
  • 1 x WAX Supporter NFT (optional. leave your WAX address at checkout if you would like one)

Please note: This is a physical Divi collectable/commemorative coin that carries no cryptocurrency or monetary value. Each coin is plated and not made from a precious metal.

Want to donate more??

  • Purchase more coins
  • Add one of our donation products with your coins to your cart
  • Donate directly to our Divi Wallet address
    • Username: Divi4Ukraine
    • DIVI: DFyQHJVyVWgbRaexXrC5BNXxH98VXDF434
    • BTC: 1Efp9SCSaFCUnwXKHUiJ7wf1Nf7bzkM5Mr
    • LTC: LR3YANrEBsxrDnfgzs7pXgNzuCGBfapBz1
    • ETH: 0x18de2e097661c5C40476460b31fbd87D00F10EdB