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Cpt. Nemo’s Alcohol Crystal Divi


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Cpt. Nemo’s Alcohol Crystal Divi

We all know and love Cpt. Nemo’s quick imagery, insightful charting and trading knowledge and quick wit in the Divi community channels. He is also determined to promote Divi as a currency and use case with his store which was one of the first online stores accepting Divi.

Alcohol Crystal Divi:  Divi cocktail looked at through an electron microscope.

Divi powered stores are great, but its even more awesome when they collaborate and work together.

Diviswag X Divinfty

What you have here is a one off original NFT designed by Cpt. Nemo himself, sold and minted by Divinfty. If you end up the lucky owner of this NFT, you will also receive a one off T-Shirt with the above image courtesy of Cpt. Nemo and Diviswag. The NFT and T-Shirt will only be minted and printed once. You will own a very unique and one off piece in digital and physical form.

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Alcohol Crystal Divi

NFT Includes

1 x Small Image, 1x High Resolution Image, 1 x Certificate of Autheticity

Atomic Hub

Max Mint


Physical Product

1 x Diviswag Coupon Code to redeem for this Image on a T-Shirt of your choice