How do Divinfty rewards work?

Simple. Become an active member of the  community in telegram or discord, help us with promotion on social media, participate in contests and purchase NFTs on the Divinfty platform to receive reward NFTs.  Unlike tradtional reward programs, we are using NFT and have implemented a tier like structure similar to Divi Masternodes.


  1. Earn and collect tier 1 rewards issued as NFT to your WAX address.
  2. Blend into higher tiered reward NFT via Nefty Blocks.
  3. Redeem reward NFT for other collectables or physical products.
  4.  At any stage you can buy or sell any of the rewards on the marketplace.

Base Reward

The starting point in Divinfty Rewards. To earn base rewards you can buy NFTs from, help with social media promotion and participate in contests. Base rewards are not redeemable, however you can blend 10 into a Copper Reward.

Copper Reward

This is our tier 2  reward. to get copper rewards you will need to collect Base rewards and blend them into coppers.

Copper Reward Blend


Silver Reward

This is our tier 3 reward. We will not give these out unless its for something extra special. To get one, earn or collect 3 x Copper rewards and “blend” them into a Silver Reward

Silver Reward Blend


Gold Reward

This is our tier 4 reward and is getting more exclusive. To get one, collect, trade or blend your way to 3 x Silver and 1 x Copper Reward then blend them into a Gold Reward.

Gold Reward Blend


Platinum Reward

This is our tier 5 Reward. If you make it here you are a real Divinfty supporter. Blend 3 x Gold rewards to earn a Platinum Reward.

Platinium Reward Blend

Diamond Reward

This is our tier 6 reward. The pinnacle that only the strongest of supporters will achieve. To earn a Diamond Reward blend 3 x Platinum and 1 x Gold rewards.

Diamond Reward Blend

Can I redeem Base Reward NFT?

No. Base rewards are exactly that – our base reward. Collect 10 Base and blend for a Copper Reward NFT then continue you way up the teirs.

What happens to the NFTs that are blended?

All “ingredients” in a blend are burned in the creation of the next tier level NFT you recieve.

Can I buy and sell Reward NFTs from Divinfty?

Yes. If you do not want to collect or hodl them, we encourage you to trade them on the marketplaces so others can collect and use them.

Do the Rewards expire?

No. There is no expiry on Divinfty Rewards. This is one of the beauties of using NFT on the WAX Blockchain as rewards.

What can I get when I redeem?

Check the Redeem page to see what NFTs can be claimed. This will evolve and change as we release more NFT. We aim to other various physcial product redemptions in the future as well.

What is the value of the rewards in the different tier levels?

There is no set value. Prices will be determined by marketplace activity and current redemptions.

Can I use Reward NFT's to buy other NFTs on

Maybe. It will depend on the current offers on the Redeem page.

How Do I know if I have any rewards?

Open your Wax wallet and go to NFTs to see your assets.