Refund Policy

Mistakes happen occasionally.

Blockchain transactions cannot be contested or reversed unless agreed upon by both parties.

If you notice an error with an order, please reach out to us ASAP via the Contact Us form so we can make it right. Make sure you supply orders details and any transaction ID’s to help us investigate.

If you have ordered incorrectly or have second thoughts after purchase and have been issued the NFT, you can sell or trade them on the various marketplaces. Feel free to use the appropriate channels in our Discord server to negotiate a trade with another member. Please ensure all trades occur on the marketplaces to limit the chance of being scammed.

We do not control the values of our NFT on the secondary marketplaces. We hope they appreciate in value but that may not always be the case. Initial sale values will be evaluated and set fairly with a good perctange of that going directly to the artists and designers.

We will not issue refunds based on secondary market value and on the other hand, will not ask for extra payments if the values appreciate over time.