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The NewFT on the Blockchain! Divinfty


May 6·4 min readDigital art whether it be gaming cards, tributes, or original art in the form of NFTs has been booming of late and shows no signs of slowing, if you don’t know what an NFT is it stands for non-fungible token…. meaning something that can not be sold or swapped for the same thing, if you have 1 BTC and trade it for 1 BTC it is fungible, A digital art NFT that is unique can’t be traded for the same item even with large mint items they are all numbered so non-fungible, there are now a tremendous amount of options for buying or collecting NFTs.

Why is different from the rest?

Divinfty is not your normal NFT marketplace. With NFTs heating up and Divi having a relationship with Wax (Worldwide Asset Exchange), a few Divi community members set about building a platform where the Divi and NFT communities could access digital assets with Divi (and other cryptocurrencies). The idea that Divinfty can be a platform for community artists and young emerging artists to show their skills and sell work to me has a lot more merit than someone chasing a quick profit.

Early sign-ups received a free airdrop NFT to their Wax cloud wallet.

You may be wondering how it is possible to buy an NFT on the Wax blockchain with Divi… I’m glad you asked… Now I’m going to try and not bore you with the tech side of how this is possible, but I’ll give you a basic rundown of how it works. Using Divi’s payment plugin for WooCommerce you can list the NFT as a normal product and allow customers to buy and checkout on the all too familiar WordPress platform. With some clever backend dev work, you can buy Digital assets on with Divi, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, and have them delivered on the Wax blockchain to the customer’s WAX wallet. This effectively makes it a cross-chain asset marketplace with the advantage of having access to all the secondary marketplaces available on WAX, something the Divi blockchain is not able to do.

All you need to buy on is some Divi, BTC, or LTC for purchases and a Wax address for NFT delivery. The WAX Cloud Wallet is one of the easiest wallets to sign up for and use. You can create a wallet Here.

Let’s talk about the Art. To kick things off the first series is called “Divi Visionaries’’ which is a tribute to the Divi Team and Founders, community members, and those that have gone the extra mile for Divi.

Each NFT is limited in availability and will be released in three rarities for each design. This should give customers a range of options and chances to purchase one while not flooding the market and diluting the potential value of these NFT’s on the secondary marketplaces.  Divi Visionaries 01 - DJ NickSap Epic NFT | Divinfty

A sneak peak of number 1 in the series DJNickSap Divi co-founder.

Looking ahead it’s not all Divi NFTs. There are some very cool series being worked on as we speak, “Crypto celebrities and influencers” is in the pipeline plus others I’m not at liberty to share right now but the aim is to keep the variety and artworks at the highest of quality. Another one to look out for soon is Juma’s 40 for 40 Murals that will be recreated in digital form as a gift to contributors. Juma is a Divi community member that does wonderful things in South Africa for underprivileged kids and his community and the NFT sales in the series will go towards funding his efforts there.

So if you’re an NFT fan or looking to start a collection, part of the Divi community or a collector of fine Digital art offers something different from the norm, they also have a telegram channel just search divinfty and join in the fun.

I’m a big fan of community lead projects and ideas especially the ones that are are creating opportunities for more community members, in this case, artists and digital designers.


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June 28, 2021 3:27 pm | NFT | 0 comments