How does this work?


1. Add the NFT’s you would like to your cart.

2. At checkout enter your WAX address.

3. Pay with Divi, BTC or LTC.

4. Once payment has been confirmed, the NFT/s will be issued to your WAX address.


What payment methods are available?

At launch, we will support payments in DIVI, BTC and LTC, however we may add other coins on request.

We have no intentions of adding traditional FIAT gateways at this stage.

Why WAX?

WAX is cheap, easy and fun to use.

WAX Cloud Wallet?

Yes. there are other supported wallets but for our purposes, the official WAX Cloud Wallet is sufficient for most users and what we will recommend. Power users are welcome to use other wallets.

To create a wallet head to https://wallet.wax.io/. Once created, it is recommended to go to Settings->Account Security and enable 2FA.

WIll you support other NFT standards and blockchains in the future?

We hope so. WAX was the logical first choice due to having zero cost to entry for new users, no transaction fees and easy to use wallets and marketplaces. 

Help, I made a mistake with my order (or we made a mistake)!

It happens. Please refer to our Refund Policy then send us message via our Contact Us page including your order details and we will do our best to work it out.

Can we trade the NFT on the secondary markets?

Yes. thats the beauty of this system and we encourage it. We will always look at ways to encourage the collecting and trading of the NFT. More marketplace activity = more exposure for us and our artists/designers.

Can you explain the pricing?

Divinfty has been setup as a way to help new and established artists gain exposure and earn an extra income. A good percentage of sales income will go directly to the creators and in some cases, charities and other initatives. The rest will go towards running costs and further development. We will constantly evaluate our pricing, NFT rarity and minting strategies to ensure we offer the best value and to encourage appreciation on the secondary marketplaces.

How to set up your Wax cloud wallet