Divinfty Lotto

Divinftys NFTY Lotto is a fun way to interact with NFTs while giving yourself a chance to win big.

How does Divinfty Lotto work?

Each Draw will have a predetermined mint number of tickets available to purchase, When the amount is reached the Lotto draw will take place, in the event tickets don’t reach max mint there is a draw date printed on each ticket.

You may buy as many Divinfty Lotto NFTs as you like from our store.

At this stage, you can not resell your tickets they are nontransferable, (we are working on this changing in the future)

Divinfty Lotto NFT tickets can only be bought in the Divinfty store using Divi as payment.

The prize winners will receive the payouts in Divi, again we are looking at adding Wax and others as prizes in the future.

Note: You will need a Wax wallet address to receive your tickets.

Divinfty Lotto results will be posted in the divinfty telegram chat and on Twitter.

Please BURN any unsuccessful tickets after the draw is complete ( we are looking at making blends for tickets into the next draw in the future )





NFTY Lotto #00001

Ticket amount = 500 – 1 ticket = apx. $1

Drawn/Duration = till sold out, no later than 9th July 2012

Prize = Divi



Prize Pool

#00001.   Prize = Divi

1st prize = 75% of pool up to $375 of  Divi

2nd prize = 10% of pool up to $50 of Divi

3rd prize = 5% of pool up to $25 of Divi



Can I sell my tickets before the Draw?

No, they are non-transferable. this will change soon stay tuned

What can i win in the NFTY Lotto?

Divi is the prize pool now. this will also change as we expand the lotto to Wax and Atomic soon.

What do i do with my losing tickets?

Please Burn any unsucsesful assets after the Draw, we are looking at having second chance blends soon.

How do I know if I win a Lotto prize?

The mint number on your ticket is the ticket number, The winning mint numbers from the draw will be published on Twitter @divinfty and in our Telegram chat, https://t.me/divinfty Winners will be given 24 hours to claim their prize ask for admin in our Telegram chat.