Charged Rewards

Bonus Rewards with an electricifing twist!

Divinfty Charged Reward

Divinfty Charged Rewards

In our quest to bring value too, and give back to our customers and supporters we have added a charged reward to our NFT rewards program.

Simply put, a charged reward is our version of NFT staking. If you hold certain NFT templates from our collection, you will be dropped a WAX backed NFT weekly as a bonus. You can either HODL, trade or burn these NFT and collect your WAX.

To generate the rewards, we take a portion of the NFT sales profits and stake via other services. This includes Divi via DiviGo, WAX and Atomic Hub sales %.

While this isnt an elegant smart contract NFT staking solution, bonuses are generated utilizing currencies that we believe in, are proven and have a rich and established ecosystem unlike some of the games tokens that are very volitile, reliant on development and have limited usecases outside of the game or dapp.

We cannot offer gaurantees or estimates on returns as it will vary week by week, however we are quietly confident the currencies used will increase in value over time and in turn increase the value of the weekly bonus charged rewards and the original NFT.


What do I need to do to receive a Charged Reward?

Nothing, other than purchase or hold one our eligable NFT in your WAX wallet.

How do you determine who holds eligible NFT?

We use the awesome drop tool from Bounty Blok. It allows us to take a snapshot of NFT template holders and drop them a WAX backed charged reward NFT.

How do I burn a Charged Reward?

The easiest way is via your inventory on atomichub. Locate the charged reward, click the burn in the more dropdown. After burning the WAX will be instantly added to your account.

What NFT are eligible for a Charged Reward?

Currently our Platinum and Diamond rewards and our entire Divi Visionaries Series are eligible. For more info checkout our Charged NFT list.